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Dual use of cigarettes and other tobacco merchandise can maintain tobacco addiction and use among smokers who might otherwise stop. Consumer mistaken perceptions of the “safety” of these products may pose a continuing obstacle for tobacco management. Findings from these efforts will ultimately advance the work of the Interagency Food Safety Analytics Collaboration, a tri-agency group of FDA, CDC, and USDA-FSIS, that's combining data from outbreaks with other info to find out the most important sources of L.m. The results of this work will significantly contribute to FDA’s and USDA-FSIS’s efforts in implementing more risk-informed meals safety strategies and to raised target useful resource allocations. They are frequent utilizers of emergency departments and have high rates of readmission to inpatient care, especially when co-occurring substance use problems are current. Priority Objectives The Affordable Care Act highlights minority health by formally establishing minority hea